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DRP2VC Esko Respirator P2 Valved Mask with Carbon Filter, Box of 12


Esko P2 respirator with valve and carbon filter, box of 12

  • P2 rating for protection against mechanically and thermally generated particles
  • AIR8™ exhalation valve for easier airflow
  • Activated carbon protects against lower-level organic vapours in addition to P2 rating
  • Coloured coded packaging for ease of identification
  • Dual straps give firm and comfortable fit
  • Box of 12
  • AS/NZS 1716 Rates respirator filters for particulate hazards into three classes: P1, P2 and P3. Also provides a rating system for gas and vapour cartridge filters according to the gas/vapour hazard and according to the cartridge’s absorption capacity.
  • Uses: In addition to P2 filtering, disposable activated carbon masks are suitable for lower levels of: Vapours from Cleaning Chemicals, Paint, Solvent Vapours, Welding Fumes, Spraying Insecticides or Pesticides, Protection against Chemical Sensitivities, Odours from Sewerage, Waste Management, Petroleum, Fuel Fumes, Chemical Lab Work

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