5510P-R Safe-T-Tec Peakless Non-Vented Hard Hat, Ratchet Harness (Multi Colours Available)




  • Occupational Protective Helmets
    AS/NZS 1801:1997   |   LIC.SMK40263
    (Stats the working lifespan of a hard hat is 3 years from date of issue to the user of the helmet)
  • Industrial Safety Helmets
    EN 397:2012 -30°C
  • Electrically Insulating Helmets for use on Low Voltage Installations
    EN 50365:2002
  • Industrial Head Protection
    ANSI Z89.1-2009 Type I Class E, G & C

    • Type 1 – Hard hats deliver assurance that you’re protected from tools, small parts, or similar items falling from a reasonable height—or if you stand up under an obstruction and whack your head.
    • Class G (General) – Includes all-purpose, general construction helmets providing good impact and penetration protection and limited voltage protection. These hard hats are tested up to 2,200 volts and can be appropriate for general construction work.
    • Class E (Electrical) – Hard hats are tested up to 20,000 volts, protecting from high-voltage shock. They are well-suited for electrical work where users are regularly exposed to high-voltage environments. They also provide good impact and penetration protection.
    • Class C (Conductive) – Hard hats are not intended to protect wearers from contact with electrical conductors. While they provide good impact and penetration protection, they should only be used by construction workers with no risk of encountering electrical hazards. Conductive materials can also offer more breathability.


  • Black, Blue, Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow, White

5510P Spec Sheet