MDNHR6 Esko High Five 6mil High Risk Nitrile Disposable Gloves, Sizes S To XL



  • Nitrile gloves with extended cuff—300mm
  • Excellent chemical and oil resistance
  • Excellent puncture and abrasion resistance—6 mil thickness
  • 100% nitrile rubber—very skin friendly
  • Textured non-slip grip, powder free
  • Produced to medical and food processing standards
  • Exceptional comfort, fit and feel


  • EN 455-1 Defines requirements for disposable gloves to check they are free of holes to be safe for medical use.
  • FDA 21 Overarching regulations for production, testing, labelling and advertising of food and drugs within the United States.
  • CFR 177.2600 Rubber articles intended for repeated use—lists permitted elastomers, vulcanization materials, accelerators, retarders, activators, antioxidants, plasticizers, fillers, emulsifiers, and other additives, and sets extraction limits for food contact.
  • EN 374-1 Indicates that the product meets permeation standards for protective gloves, with permeation resistance of (Type A) at least 30 minutes to 6 test chemicals, (Type B) at least 30 minutes to 3 chemicals and (Type C) at least 10 minutes to 1 chemical. Letters under the shield identify the chemicals.
  • EN 374-4 Measures the glove’s resistance to degradation by chemical exposure—any flaking, swelling, disintegration, embrittlement, hardening, softening, etc—by testing the force required to puncture the glove material after continuous contact with a challenge chemical.
  • EN 374-5 Tests the glove for safety in risks of contact with micro-organisms—bacteria, fungi.
  • D6978-05 Indicates that the product meets ASTM standards for resistance of medical gloves to permeation by at least 9 chemotherapy drugs. A more stringent and specialised test than the EN374 test.


  • Industrial
  • Engineering
  • Laboratory
  • Automotive
  • Handling fuel, oil, solvent
  • Medical
  • Cleaning
  • Printing
  • Painting


MDNHR6 Spec Sheet